About Us

Joe Tatar started Steamboat Heat & Cool in the Fall of 2011. Inspired by a need for quality technical service in the heating field, he felt his skills could be used to fill a niche here in the Yampa Valley. Joe began his work in the HVAC field in 2001, working as a HVAC apprentice for the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. His apprenticeship allowed him to certify in HVAC levels 1-4 and Electric 1 at AVTEC vocational school in Seward, AK. He was also working part-time as a residential Electrician's Apprentice. In the Fall of 2004 he moved into the entry level position of the utilities department at the University's powerplant. He quickly applied his working knowledge and by the age of 26, was promoted to Shift Engineer Supervisor. He is licensed to operate/maintain up to 100,000 lb high-pressure steam boilers. In this capacity, he was responsible for the operation and maintenance of the entire University's water, heat, and power infrastructure while on duty. This position both required and fostered an understanding of complex relationships of heat, electricity and water systems. For the last few years, he has devoted himself in his free-time to the construction of 2 remodels, a cabin, and a spec. home using the skills he has learned to employ. You can guarantee that when hired, he will carry the same understanding and care to your home that he has with all his jobs and projects.